1.    Nigerian Press Council Handbook

2.    Nigerian Press Council Enabling Law

3.    Annual Report of Nigerian Press Council

4.    Five issues of The Press Journal

5.    Nigeria Mass Media and National Crisis (ed.) by Ralph Akinfeleye, Godwin Omole and Ojang Omang

6.    The Press in Nigeria (ed.) by Prince Tony Momoh and Godwin Omole

7.    Press Councils and Similar Bodies

8.    Report of the 1st African Regional Conference of World Association of Press Councils

9.    News Judgment and Management

10.  Code of Ethics for Nigerian Journalists

11.  Nigeria Press Council Guidelines on Accreditation

12.  Nigeria Press Council Position Papers

13.  Report of Workshop on Media and Democracy

14.  Ethics in Nigerian Journalism

15.  History of Nigerian Press Council

16.  Report of workshop on Media & Democracy

17.  Enabling Law Decree No. 85 of 1992 and Decree No. 60 of 1999.

18.  Reporting Politics and the Economy

19.  The Line Editor as A Gatekeeper

20.  Issues number six-ten of The Press Journal