Editor’s Note


This edition of The Press brings you an x-ray of post 2015 elections conducted by the Independent National Electoral Commission. Some of the views expressed by various bodies, individuals, observers and analysts over what characterised the conduct of the elections. Having identified major challenges as bane to successful and credible elections, this issue also proffers some recommendations.

Adherence to professional ethics in journalism cannot be over emphasized, as factual, accurate, balanced and fair reporting is the ultimate objective of good journalism. The piece on Data Journalism and the Question of Ethics no doubt makes an interesting reading.

Included in this edition also is the subject of the activities of herdsmen which have become part of the intractable problems of the Nigerian Security Agencies in recent times. What do the Fulani’s herdsmen want? What are the actions from the Nigerian government? These are some of the hypothetical questions that came to fore.

Opinions in the media on the President’s one year in office have also been underlined.

Finally, the Tit Bits section is a summary of newspapers’ reports on various activities which include attacks on journalists, appointments in the media, awards, among others.

Nnene Antia